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No Halo Album

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The End of 40 Consecutive Bi-Weekly Singles, A 3-Year Project

Female rapper Aynjewl Faycc releases her "No Halo" Album, the fourth album she released since Black Heart in April of 2021. Faycc put a ton of effort into her Black Heart album with music videos, lyric videos, TikToks, custom designed outfits, press releases & distribution, Facebook group postings, Instagram reels, Spotify playlist submitting with Spotify and a list of other curators, Spotify canvas', physical street posters, and paid ads with Google, Facebook & Instagram. She did all of this with her own funding, but it wasn't enough for the world-wide results she hoped for.


With her consecutive albums afterwards, lyric videos, custom designed outfits, press release distribution, paid ads, TikToks, physical street posters and Facebook group postings faded out. Faycc even tried jumping on the YouTube shorts trend with the chorus' of her upcoming releases. Her consistency rang true on Instagram with a marketing post of her upcoming release, usually a Spotify linked post with her canvas and a reel of the chorus from her YouTube video. She intended to drive fans here to her webpage that she updated weekly.

After her tremendous efforts of faithfulness to her goal that she set in early 2019, Faycc completed consistent content with the result of a documented music legacy. Her plans for music in the future may resort to children's music to aid in upbringing youth with upgraded frequencies replacing known nursery rhymes with uplifting messages. She is excited to retire from the game unless feature opportunities arise on tracks she can vibe with. Faycc is now opening new business opportunities, so for now enjoy her legacy!

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