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Aynjewl Faycc With Harp Rapper

album was purposefully left open-ended for additional tracks and will close when the track count amounts to ten. 2011 was also the year Faycc began the recording for her Commercial Mixtape. Finally in 2018, the Commercial Mixtape dropped! The writing and recording for The Cross-Back album began as early as 2011 (to add to the 2011 list) and the process lasted until 2015. Since its completion, it had taken Faycc two more years (2017) to distribute the album worldwide. Along with The Cross-Back, Synergic Cosmos was the most recent material released 2017. Making a come-back in 2020, she began releasing consecutive singles for the first time until the official release of Black Heart in   2021. To follow, albums Celestial Currency and Graveyard Sky came out in the same fashion without skipping a beat. Faycc is currently releasing tracks from her newest unreleased album "No Halo".

Aynjewl Faycc (Angel Face) is an influential femcee native to Massachusetts. By integrating new-age messages into her music, she expands global consciousness and supports individuality. Under the alias I.Q. Productionz, she works creatively in various mediums branched from entertainment and design. This alias arose originally from her street nickname "Indo Queen". As her purpose evolved, she adopted the context  "Inner Quality" to embody the I.Q. Initials. 

Her albums include (a mixtape) In Tha Classroom in 2004 and (a partial mixtape) Just Another Face In The Clouds in 2005, followed by albums Street Light in 2007 and Inter-Mission in 2011. Faycc also began working on albums Friday Night Collabz  in 2011 (derived from her web series,) but the

Aynjewl Faycc:

Gem of the Cloudz    Mother of the World & American Rap Artist

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